Why you should care

Good lighting can really elevate the look of a home. Make sure your home’s exterior is well-lit for the coming holidays!

Outdoor lighting is as important, if not more important than lighting in the home. And why not? It’s the first and last thing your guests see when they visit.

Besides curb appeal, effective outdoor lighting also provides safety and security. A well-lit walkway or porch means you’re less likely to trip over Buddy’s slobbery tennis ball or encounter an intruder hiding in the shadows.

We shine the spotlight on outdoor lighting options that are functional and good looking!

Wall or Ceiling Light

Whether it’s a decorative lantern light, a vintage pendant light, or even a dramatic uplight, wall and ceiling lights are probably the first things that come to mind when you consider home lighting.

Pendant light porch

SOURCE: beaconlighting.com.au

These lights accentuate beautiful architectural features such as brick walls, stairways, or crown mouldings. Besides highlighting these details, illuminating recessed areas like steps or gazebos help lead you and your guests to the front door and prevents falling at unlevelled areas.

Wall light outdoor home

SOURCE: Hgtv.com

Speaking of front doors, if you don’t have the budget to illuminate a wide area, then focus on the front entrance with accent wall or ceiling lights that cast an ambient glow.

Flood Light

Like their namesake, flood lights flood large areas with light as they are placed at least 9 feet above ground to cast a wide cone of high intensity light. They are usually used to light stairways, entrances, and garages to illuminate dark areas where intruders may hide.

Flood light home

SOURCE: steinel.de

When using flood lights, make sure to get high wattage ones that can light up an area without spilling over to neighbouring compounds. To further ensure that your flood lights are non-disruptive, get motion sensor ones that will illuminate relevant areas when you enter or exit your house at night. These lights can also deter trespassers as their movements will light up a dark night and hopefully alert you.

Landscape Light

Why tend a garden to show it off only during the day? Give it air time even at night with strategic landscape lighting. Post lights lend your home a quaint look, especially when placed around flower beds, along pathways, and even at the main entrance.

Illuminate a large compound with tall post lights or use mini ones to call out your beautiful bougainvillea’s.

Post lights garden

SOURCE: homestratosphere.com

Well lights (planted into the ground) are also ideal for landscape lighting, adding drama by casting light upwards onto plants.

Use well lights, spot lights, and mini post lights around your flowers, shrubs, and plant beds to break the monotony of lined pathway lights. Landscape lights should gently and elegantly hint at walkway directions instead of acting like large neon signs saying “walk this way”.

Walkway home lighting

SOURCE: dekorlighting.com

Ceiling Fan Light

We love a good multifunctional piece: a ceiling fan with light provides porches and gazebos will cool air and illumination. Plus, the circulated air will keep pesky mozzies and bugs away.

Ceiling fan light outdoor

SOURCE: experimary.com

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add a touch of whimsy and festivity to the home, especially great for holiday season! To usher in the cheer, use fairy lights to frame your doors. If you’re using it all year round, arrange it in a zig zag manner across the ceiling of your porch for a warm, welcoming glow.

Fairy lights outdoor

SOURCE: Pinterest user Brick & Bloom Inc.


Also great for the holidays are candles! Arrange large ones along your stairs, main entrance, or at outdoor dining/seating areas for warm illumination. Bonus points? They don’t cost much, yet look really good when decorated with glass jars and little trinkets!

Outdoor candle home

SOURCE: bosc.magxzine.com

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Why you should care

Good lighting can really elevate the look of a home. Make sure your home’s exterior is well-lit for the coming holidays!

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