Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 900,000
8 weeks
Completion Year
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IDPM Sdn Bhd A-3-10, Block Anson, Plaza Arkadia,
3, Jalan Intisari
52200 Desa Park City
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

To fuel success of Vantage Energy Group, it needs to empower itself with smart and practical interiors that take ad”vantage” of its strength, values and vision.

Located in one of Malaysia’s seventh tallest building, Ilham Tower which has an artistic appeal, Vantage Energy Group interiors are a departure from the ordinary. It is designed to prepare for the future and create a sustainable outlook.

This is in line with Vantage’s primary goal which is to create a more sustainable world by helping its clients in the Oil & Gas industry with integrated energy-related solutions.

The Concept

Ambitious, bold and classic with a tinge of contemporary mood defines the architectural and interior excellence of Vantage Energy Group. The entire look and feel of the interiors creates an experimental journey with juxtaposition of the outside inside.

This concept is a strategic move to articulate what Vantage aims to achieve every day via its vision and the way it works. Hence, it is conceived as the natural evolution of the company structured in an experimental journey which works in a 3-dimensional medium. This provides the opportunity to juxtapose elements in many unique ways.

The Layout and Design

The layout and design focuses a lot on sustainability through natural elements, from natural lighting to materials, and maintaining transparency throughout the workspace. This gives the interiors lots of natural lights and visibility for the staff to work at their own privacy as well as working together.

The journey starts with a roaring success felt at the reception and waiting lounge with a portrait of the Tiger by renowned Malaysian artist (please put name) Tiger represents power, dominance, boldness, strength and fervent aspiration of the company to take itself to a new high.

Marble stone and timber as the backdrop of the reception area give a first solid impression of the company as a resilient and bold company with stable foundation.

As we move inside to the workstations, office spaces, boardrooms and pantry, we will see lots of natural elements which are a total contrast to modern buildings. A warm mix of materials interspersed between the timber finishes help breathe life into the space and create an aura of timeless beauty and elegance.

The use of glass in the pantry and rooms maximizes transparency and allows more natural light surroundings. Overall, the interiors provides a sense of balance and harmony, consistency and classic charms fueled with contemporary nuances.

Artistic and Aesthetic

Vantage feels that art injects positive energy and vibes into the corporate office. Just like art which demands attention to detail, Vantage puts its heart and soul to instill an art deco spirit with classic hardwood panels and padded walls. These interiors accommodate art masterpieces against rich wood panels with warm lighting, holding all the iconic features in line with the detailing across the new office space.

All in all, Vantage Energy Group interiors, as the name implies give a solid “vantage” view to the overall strength, values and vision of the company.

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