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Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 2,800,000
32 weeks
Completion Year
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MLA Design SO-20-01, Strata Office,
Menara 1, KL Eco City,
59200 Bangsar
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

In this family home with young children, the design team at Matthew Lim Asso-ciates orchestrates a streamlined scheme for a home that are sensible and inti-mate throughout the three-storey bungalow at The Mansions in Desa Park City. Sited in an open ungated housing complex, the designers are aware of ensuring privacy while keeping the house welcoming and elegant for passing neighbours.
A pragmatic design approach takes over the entrance facade at the porch with linear geometric features in wood strips and concrete laminate finishes, mask-ing the hidden shoe cabinets and storeroom from sight. Walking into the home, visitors are greeted with a majestic floor space decked in full grey marble. The key feature wall in the living area fashions hone-finished imported marble stones from Brazil laid in book-match style for a seamless double volume effect. The natural tones of the marble with hints of dark chartreuse synchs beautifully with Poliform sofa and armchairs — creating a cosy environment that’s never imposing.
While the existing living room comes with full-height glass wall and scattered air-conditioning units, the design team cleverly redesigned the HVAC system by adding a boxed-up feature across the double-volume out-facing glass wall. Functioning as a seamless cooling system, dividing the glass wall gives the space a more grounded feel and a sense of continuity across the expansive living space. Adjacent, the balcony leads you down to the manicured garden, with a hidden kids’ playroom on the same level.
The communal space also houses the dining area that’s juxtaposed in a circular manner — true to the Chinese symbol of harmony. The round dining table is balanced with linearity that runs across the wall and display area, heightening the area with its vertical lines. On the walls, wallpaper are added for a more ele-gant textural finish and extra detailing. This same treatment extends to the dry and wet kitchen, adding on to a continuously harmonious effect to the overall space.
Moving over upstairs, notice the ‘floating’ staircase that is realised through the use of glass handrails. The existing metal railings have been replaced with see-through options to give a sense of lightness to the altitudinal space. Look up and find the spiralling effect of the three-storey-high building like a piece of ar-chitectural wonder that’s unpretentious but true to the structural aspect of its design.
There are four children rooms, each designed thematically with tasteful finishes in splashes of pastel and soft tones, as well as elements of geometry. The design teams has been able to keep the playfulness and innocence of a kids’ curious nature with interesting design elements in their respective bedrooms. Hidden doors that lead to bathrooms are also added, accessible through a push — mak-ing it fun and explorative for the kids as well.
The family room sits on the first floor, boasting a simplistic design and a feature wall that doubles as additional storage. In a home with four young children, having extra space for storage is always a good idea for quick stowing while having things easily accessible around the house.
As one reaches the highest level, the concept of a ‘presidential suite’ unfolds. The design team converts the existing mezzanine into a double-volume study lounge overlooking views of the neighbourhood. A bar counter for entertaining guests sits in between two hidden doors; one that leads to the master bedroom and the other to the walk-in closet. Here, exquisite premium marble clads the wall — lending its abstract art-like qualities depicting mountains like in Chinese paintings to the grand space.
The master bedroom is a decent-sized space featuring handcrafted leather pan-el with floral patterns as its statement wall. The intimate chamber is kept small-er than usual for fengshui reasons but has a delicate sense of cosiness lingering thanks to its earth tones and timeless finishes. Another hidden door leads to the expansive bathroom cladded in deep grey marble finishing and premium fit-tings. Straight ahead is another hidden door that exits to a dream wardrobe — one that you’d find in movies. The connecting walk-in wardrobe is designed to have a boutique-style effect to display the finest pieces in the collection. The cabinet doors employ both semi-opaque and solid black glass surfaces to add a sense of visual interest to the wardrobe. Another display wall features a bright-ly lit floating shelves for bags and shoes.
The team at MLA also ensures a sensible design concept with the family in mind. With safety being top priority, designing with heart is key to achieving a family home that provides more than just peace of mind. Across the staircase, light sensors are added to create a sensorial experience while keeping walks down the flight of stairs safe especially during the night. All of the edges around the home are kept rounded for the kids, while storage are concealed to retain its elegance.

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