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Kluang , Johor
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79150 Nusajaya
Johor, Malaysia
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

With the aim to achieve a design that responds to the character and living cultural requirements of the clients, designers need a core concept that can holistically tie up the landscape, the interior, and the architecture that has to be derived first from the space.

The Kluang Residence takes “forest garden tracking” as the fundamental concept. House is planted with an axis that is surrounded by green plants, the water (stream in the forest), water features (the waterfalls), the trees (interpreted with living trees and artificial vertical poles or architectural fins/ trellis), the stones (granite and pebbles).
The site also takes advantage of the split level, and the higher land level, turning the constraints into a wonderful enhancement to the house circulation experience, making the space-to-space traveling journey more exciting. Lifts will be deployed as part of the circulation beside the stairs. And instead of purely linking different floors, the crisscrossing stairs are designed intelligently also to respond to the privacy issue when there are guests moving around the house. Common spaces such as the swimming pool, and the entertainment (Karaoke) room were well-linked to the ground floor entrance without allowing unintentional human intrusion into the private space.

Imitating the forest environment with tall trees, the high ceiling headroom is taking place and works hand-in-hand with the full-height glass wall to allow maximum natural lighting. Besides, tall windows and doors are operable to allow cross natural ventilation, taking the advantage of good windy air quality in the area.

The Journey into the house begins from the entrance, where a visitor after being welcomed, will need to travel through a designed long corridor channel with steps, with good landscape and house views accompanying along the walk. The visitor then arrives at the ceremonial entrance that is luxuriously laid with stone floors and a reflection pond. This is also the drop-off area cum general parking area of the house. The private sports car parking lots are instead on the lowest floor, next to the Formal Living room, covered and sheltered well. The ceremonial entrance has a tall and huge entrance wood door welcoming visitors. And once it’s pushed open, what welcomes the visitor is the mathematically measured and angle-considered designed framed view of the Gunung Lambak panorama. In between the view and the entrance corridor, it lays a central courtyard with a themed landscape garden on the slope. The flat roof of the living hall is carefully designed with its level sufficient just enough to block off the terrace houses in front of the land, clearing the unwanted ‘disturbance’ of the roof from the beautiful panoramic view. This will be the grand foyer of the house.

Moving down the stair, the Formal Living is awaiting and it is housed in the pearl of the whole residence, with a clean and tall glass wall, and a double-volume headroom space. A formal lounge is also positioned next to the Living Hall to support the activities, with a glass wall open out to the showcase of his sports car collection. (As explained above)

The space planning is taking seriously the concept, allowing the green pockets to crawl and settle strategically and naturally around the space, enhancing the spatial experience and the quality, taking care of every possible view quality to analogize the concept of “forest garden tracking”. For instance, the private gym room is accommodated with a private green area for meditation, yoga, and outdoor tai-chi, and the Formal dining hall that surrounded by selected landscape and plant species that also take care of visual privacy besides providing softness to the narrow garden, etc.

The peak of the tracking ceases at a pool deck with an adjacent entertainment room. The double-volume room is matched with an elegant pendant chandelier, forming another ultimate ‘pearl’ of the house at the upper level. With an infinity pool view and pool edge detailing, it provides poolside activities such as a family party in a high-class setting.

The wood ceiling under the architectural detailed flat roof is dynamically enhanced with a daring punching of a big circular void, showing respect to nature, analogically allowing the direct sun to reach the deck, and allowing the rainwater to celebrate the space.

The interior of the house is generally derived from well-selected wood textured material, and natural stone. The warm-white lighting effect is picked to signify the sense of luxury at night, whilst in the daytime, vertical and horizontal architectural trellis cast beautiful artistic shadows, brushing the spaces on the walls and floors. Like the leaf shadows in the forest, but beautifully planned and designed to achieve a total experience of staying with nature.

With architectural discipline in dynamism, the design is holistically considered & planned from every aspect, be it to see or to be seen.

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