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16 weeks
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IQI Concept Interior Design & Renovation VSQ @ PJ
Block 4-10-1, Jalan Utara
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
+6012210xxxx +6037453xxxx
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This home in Setia Alam belongs to a family of three, building on the concept of a farmhouse.

Bathed in a neutral colour scheme, the common area takes on a clean and minimal setting, exuding a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The whitewashed dry kitchen cabinet fabricated with a see-through concept allows the clients to showcase their exquisite tableware while the grey tile backsplash offers a touch of modern flair. To cater to the client who enjoys hosting parties, the big shiplap island was designed to double as a prep and serving area. Evoking a sense of continuity, the door to the wet kitchen is integrated as part of the cabinet. With an Oxford blue accent wall at the dining room and home office, it creates a charming ambiance while reflecting the client's personal style.

Accentuated by the combination of a timeless colour palette and classic farmhouse elements, this home offers an effortlessly chic look that is timeless.

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