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6 weeks
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ApieceofArt Sdn Bhd 9, Jalan 51/203A,
PJS 51,
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

The case is about a restaurant with unique personality where the utmost creativity is injected to form the core of the design. Its design .... The BIRD, is the concept created by a team of designers where bird house in the main element in this case. Every designer painted their bird house with own color, which has a warm meaning that everyone will has a house of their own.
Every special element has its own unique attraction. As the concept of this restaurant is bird nest, it welcomes the birds from all over the world to stop by. There are many bird house decorations in it to form a back to home feeling and ambience. When a guest takes a seat, a bird sculpture will be placed in the bird house, indicating that the seat has been taken. The interesting setting is quite lovely and fun. There are also a lot of improvised artworks of the designers being hanged in the restaurant for a fun and lively ambience.
Earthy color tone is the basic tone for this case. The wooden tables and chairs match with the brick and cement walls for a refreshing natural earthy atmosphere. Brick walls, pipelines and plastics are used to form tree patterns at different corners of the area. Some of the brick walls not only act as wall surface. At the outer part of the restaurant, designer formed patterns by using bricks and also light bulbs to light up the corridor; whilst there is a hollow brick wall in the indoor for light to luminate from the other end.
There is big and small circles formed by small stones on the cement floor add more visual effect into the space. It matches nicely with the horizontal wood ceiling, combining the steady and leisure feel for the space. There are plenty of dazzling decorations in it; even its washroom is also full with surprises. The washroom is designed with woods and presenting a plain but elegent view.

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