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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

The two-storeys old bungalow has transformed into a three-and-a-half-storey bungalow, with a design concept centered around creating a beautiful and luxurious living space using natural materials and a minimalist approach.
The ground floor consists of the common area such as living, dining, dry and wet kitchen. The use of walnut wood, black, natural stone, and marble as the main colors and materials creates a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. The choice of natural materials maintains a sense of luxury while maintaining a clean and uncluttered design aesthetic.

Ascending to the second and third floors, the bedroom interior furnishings consist of contemporary yet comfortable furniture arrangements, accompanied by strategically placed marble and stone accents, creating a refined and comfortable resting place. The adjacent study area features a white marble work desk with sleek black metal accents and natural stone open shelve design, providing an inspiring workspace.

The attic has been transformed into an entertainment room, designed as a dedicated space for relaxation and leisure. This area equipped with pool table, home theater system, and other entertainment features. The continued use of walnut wood, black, stone, and marble in this space ensures consistency and upholds the sense of luxury prevalent throughout the entire bungalow.

These design approach emphasizes the use of natural materials and adheres to a minimalist philosophy. By embracing simplicity and cleanliness, the design evokes an elegant ambiance and allows the natural materials to take center stage.

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