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Interior Design Budget
RM 350,000
13 weeks
Completion Year
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The opulent classical beauty opulence, reminiscent of the palace in ancient times, is the order of the time in his house. Entering the house, one will be greeted with marble flooring, solid wood railing and cabinet as well as brown floral wallpaper juxtaposed against classical European furniture and matching chandeliers- all composed together to create a lavish living space yearned by the Indian owner. Adopting the open concept and using only thin partitions to separate the living hall, dining hall, side hall, kitchen and bedrooms, the abode prides itself on the golden touches in its luxurious renovation that attempts to represents the depth and elegance of a gentleman. Over the master bedroom, floral wallpaper stretched against the bed, floral lamp shade and floral curtains are woven together to fill the room with the charm of a European garden. The dim lighting soothes one’s soul and softens the atmosphere. Furher away, separeted by a wall behind the bed, is a working area with brighter lighting so that the owner can have an environment conducive for work and reading amid such privacy. A casual Tropicana courtyard decorated with solid wood roofing over the verandah, wooden lazy chairs and swings scattered on dewy lawn while betel palms sway in the wind.

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