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4 weeks
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My Loft @ Empire City Jalan 8/1
Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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Step beyond the pop up's facade and you're transported deep inside the digitally distorted world of modern. With walls brought to life by large screens, the loft-like space becomes a shape-shifting kaleidoscope that captures the true spirit of Red's Revenge. "I wanted the feeling of a sensory overload in the collection," the designer described backstage. He delivered. The collection pulsed and prowled with a simmering, sinister sexuality and sensuality. Here, designers' reinterpretation of the animal print, first introduced by Red's background, play on loop to provide the perfect product backdrop. Designer referred the mutated and twisted animal prints as a "new kind of camouflage" for "a new species".

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