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22 weeks
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59200 Mid Valley City
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Type of property: Luxury High Rise Condominium
Built-up area: 2200 sq ft.
Interior Design: Indefini Design

The homeowner, who is an architect with various businesses in the design and built industry were clear on the brief for design of the home from the get go. The homeowner's architectural background has given the project a strong emphasis on the importance of synergy between the interiors and architecture. Therefore, the first task is to achieve the right layout as the foundation of the design. One cannot achieve a desirable space if the architecture does not take into account the occupant's lifestyles.
The pre-existing layout of the 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms, 2200 square footage home are far from desirable for the owner as there are issues such as odd door placement puncturing the wall of the dining area and the unexciting elongated space with no distinction between the entryway, dining and living space.
The entrance of this home makes an elegant impression with its black and white patterned marble floor. The colour palette of the home is a striking white palette and monochromatic in general with an injection of colorful accents that enliven the interiors.
The centrepiece of the living room is the custom designed TV console cladded with the beautiful Patagonia Granite with brass curvilinear pattern as side frame. This serves as the dramatic backdrop and focal point of the home. A full length mirror is also brilliantly integrated in the dining space to expand the visual horizon. To maintain the look of elegance and uncluttered space; no cabinetry is visible yet the functionality of the space is achieved with cleverly designed hidden cabinetry(Image; 02_OneOasis_Entry) throughout the dining and in the 'fake' columns(Image; 09_OneOasis_LivingDining).

Career and business are integral parts of the homeowners life. Therefore, the home office is one of the crucial spaces of the home. The design of the home office is an inversion of the rest of the space as it takes on a more grey austere modernism design but with hints of playfulness as shown on the neon lights accent; "Do Epic S**t". Instead of a closed up space, the wall separating the home office and the living are taken down and replaced with sliding glass doors. This then creates a seamless connection between living and home office.
Every corner of the home has been thoughtfully decorated with art and decorative objects to add character to the home.

One of the rooms and the master bathroom are fully gutted down to make way for a walk-in closet and the unconventional design of an all see through glass bathroom that was inspired by holiday resorts. This helps to open up the spaces in general and seamlessly adjoin the bathroom, closet and master room. The original layout of the master room not only is closed up, it also lacks function as there is great wastage of space from the existing massive window bay. Therefore, another rarity of design is the decision to fully 'lift up' the entire master room floor to the level of the window bay. This is achievable as the unit of this apartment comes with a rather high ceiling of 3.4 meter heights. This decision successfully increases the square footage of the masters and even with the king sized bed placement, the space still feels not restricted or small.
Speaking of window bays, all the window bays throughout the home has all been redesigned as functionality are paramount; window bay at the home office has been transformed to be a reading nook, walk in closet's to a vanity table with a movable vanity mirror design and guest room's to a storage space.

The overall effect and intention of the design is that of a glamourous and richly detailed home with quirky accents that gives this home a strong character that is personalised to the homeowner.

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