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8 weeks
Save This Project L2 Moulmein Rise Shoppes
9 Jalan Moulmein P.Tikus
10350 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Re: GEN. The “Re” part comes from the word “reborn” - describing the experience of the salon’s patrons. “GEN” symbolises how after Room 18; patrons express themselves to look like the generation they want to be.

Design Vision & Concept
For the interiors, the vision is to create a hair salon that combines a comforting environment with a minimalist, stylish, futuristic & chic look. We wanted a modern environment but did not want it to appear cold; the idea was to create an urban infused space, as clients typically spend more than 1.5 hours engaging in a salon’s services.
Urban design blends elements of contemporary, modern & industrial looks.

We ensured that our design incorporated greenery, plenty of natural light and comfortable artificial lighting that would create a sense of cosiness. The idea for the salon was in part of the owner’s desire for clients to receive an experience along with their haircut and enjoy the space.

Aesthetic Qualities
The space’s sleekness and clean tones are Urban inspired. As is a Terrace House turn Commercial unit, The strategic placement of salon peripherals in each room must ensures design practicality and concept cohesiveness. Divided into five separate spaces, the space includes a waiting area, a shampooing room, colour bar room, room for cutting and a reception area.

Upon entry and from a passers-by’s viewpoint, the hair-salon is an inviting space with plenty of natural light from its glass windows. The washing and staff areas are tucked away from the front of house, providing more privacy and comfort for clients. At a glance, the salon features grey and cream tones, with the walls done in a similar colour scheme or a stone finish. Warm lighting adds a cosy touch, and an outdoor patio (Waiting area) with green foliage and succulents offers clients a Zen setting while they await their mane treatments to be ready.

Functionality & Practicality
From a functional and operations standpoint, the salon applies the following design features:

1. The ground floor & first floor space in the Hair Cutting area is clear, providing staff ample room to work. Trolleys and machinery usually occupy the space when business is in session.
2. Plenty of natural light from windows allows clients to see their looks, colours and styles.
3. A single corridor up a short stairwell (Hidden Door) leads occupants to the washing area, past the outdoor patio-cum-waiting area.
4. An extra private styling area on the First Floor serves as a space for lessons or workshops. At the same time, this secluded area is also perfect for VIP clients looking for a bespoke experience at a hair salon.

Innovation & Originality
The modern interiors of Room 18 feature sleek furnishings; these match the salon's colour palette of muted tones.
An iconic R 18 light installation brands the washing areas in a subtle manner, and the rest of the interiors are mostly bare and clean, keeping to the minimalistic theme.

A simple shelving system showcases the products used and for purchase. While unusual for most salon parlours, Room 18’s delightful, Zen-inspired outdoor space visits the shop a differentiated experience.

Environmental Sustainability
In designing this Hair-Salon, we find many eco-friendly solution and sustainable furniture functional to the activities, which help to green the Salon.

1. For all our customised Carpentry, we use plywood & laminate for furniture or furnishing such as Wall Panel, cabinet, open shelves & reception table. All laminate used are eco standard specific by green labelling scheme that cause minimal effect to the environment during production.
2. Reusable of solid wood hanging table have been given a second life which give a fresh and natural look to the space.
3. The entire floor design, we have chosen to use SPC Flooring, as we do not need to hack existing floor tiles and create more rubbish. SPC Flooring can be recycle and it's had the characteristics of Zero formaldehyde, moisture proof, pest control and simple installation.
4. The well-lit rooms with plenty of natural light are inviting as they are opulent, creating a modern set-up for a hair salon unlike any other. To be an eco-sustainable salon, we must pay attention to saving energy. The solution comes from low-energy bulb are installed throughout the salon.

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