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Napp Design Studio Lot D-G-05,Ground Floor,Block D,Lorong Inanam Kapital 3A,
Inanam Kapital,Jalan Nountun,Inanam,
88450 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia
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Chocolate Room is a space where you can relax having a cup of coffee with Bon-Bon in the morning, while you can explore special designed cocktail and alcohol in the night. Client wants to have a space that is suitable for all ages but with a bold and distinct design from other cafes around, and so we presenting Modern Native Colonial Style.

The design for Chocolate Room Cafe is a recognition of this beautiful city bringing back the memories of British Colonial Period and the appreciation of local native by infusing rattan, dark wood, mosaic tiles and bare concrete. A touch of sky tortoise colour helps to enhancing the space with more modern looks but at the same time would not overpowered thanks to the brightness and saturation of the colour that can bring people feeling of calmness.

An eye catching ceiling design with acrylic light box can be seen in every direction which are inspired by the old British road sign and chocolate bar, it is also used as the signboard telling people what is this cafe all about like where is the counter, what do they sell and what is their signature. Lighting inside the box is designed to change according to the mood and environment like during the night they are able to change the light to more colourful vivid colour to match with the bar concept.

Arch and rounded edging also can be seen everywhere in the cafe as it representing one of the main elements that can be seen in a British Colonial Design especially on the flooring where we create a kind of flow from the entrance guiding people the way to the main attractive of the cafe, which is the bar. One of the most eye-catching arch will be the arch at the side entrance from hotel which we combining the arch with a full height display cabinet cooperating with warm lighting where they put some collection, books, or flyers of the hotel. Therefore, it act as a magnet to attract the hotel's guest to explore and guided them to the cafe.

Project Location : Eminent Hotel
Design Concept : Native Colonial
Project Type : Cafe & Restaurant
Property Size : 1080sqft

31 DECEMBER 2021

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