LoonSing @ Sunway Big Box Banquet Hall


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Urban Lamour Sdn Bhd No.02-15,Block 6,Danga Bay,
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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European Garden was the initial thought when we first receive the mentioned project, at the same time to create a functional and aesthetically-pleasing indoor spaces by using both our artistic and technical skills to fulfill Client’s needs. Over the years many wedding parties and families have taken their photos in this area due to its natural beauty.

The idea of the colour scheme that we have applied into the design came from Peacock. Its natural rich and iridescent blue has a very dazzling and attractive character. Therefore, you will see it as the main colour in our design.

There are few highlights of the design:

1. Dreamy Plaster Ceiling -
Black colour background as Starry sky, several levels of Planet run through the Galaxy with inverted feather decoration to present a Garden that simulates floating in the air. Additional shiny Crystal chains and a huge Crown to provide a luxury ambience.

2. Natural Pillars -
To fully show the significant 7 meters high hall, we have 9 huge trees which are composed of lines with small rounded bulbs as if the snow is resting on it.

3. Spectacular Wall Panels:
Surrounding walls are with 6 meters high Classic Panels with nicely sprayed colour finished merging spectacular tall “Gate” in gold in front of a huge piece of Greens. Last but not least, by inserting Rounded “Clock” Windows symbolizes that time has stop in this place where people celebrate the joyous celebration of two families give the perfect touch to the Dreamy European Garden Banquet Hall.

Thank you.

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