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Mind Sketch Interior Studio C-21-03, The Hub SS2, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya
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The design for Kaimirra store at Mid Valley City had the premise to create a eccentric environment and a expenditure experience that brings something improbable in its essence. Inspired by Egyptian temple architecture, this immersive space is curated by these 4 spaces, Giza, Courtyard, Barque, and Sanctuary.

Giza, known as one of the seven wonders of the world, is the greeting space for the customer upon entering into the retail outlet. Where the most favored product and collection are showcased, the center of attraction. A pillar located in the middle of the store, turned into an opportunity to recreating hypostyle columns before entering the courtyard.

The courtyard was a large open room, with a dome ceiling feature to imitate the experience of having an open roof within the enclosed interior space, establishing a kind of fusion between the interior and exterior. The Sanctuary also connects to the Barque and Sanctuary.

Barque were resting places for the statue of the god when journeying outside the temple during festival processions. Hence, the most prized possessions for the products are allocated in this particular area, the original fossil, which were used to craft into products, the essence of the brand.

The sanctuary is a special and important place whereby only the high priests and pharaoh could ever enter. Therefore, the sanctuary is where the VIP rooms and staff workspace are located. In the middle of the sanctuary stood the shrine where the statue of the god or goddess was kept. Ancient Egyptians believed that sometimes during rituals the god and goddess would enter the statue. Thus, the end of the corridor in the sanctuary shows the representation of the statue in art form.

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