Intenso. 5 - The Light Collection II, IJM land


Project Overview

12 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,700,000
Save This Project L2 Moulmein Rise Shoppes
9 Jalan Moulmein P.Tikus
10350 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Design Vision & Concept
A stylish space designed for luxury – this bespoke home for two is conceptualised for the finer moments in life. Personalised for work-life tranquillity and modern outfitted with aesthetic customisations, this home is every lux-loving urbanite’s dream. The ID features a monochrome colour palette with gold, marble and wood elements; each room is furnished with curated, opulent pieces, breathing a quiet splendour into each space.

Aesthetic Qualities
Soft shades of grey and solid concrete tones stand out in the living room against a darker palette. The fittings and furnishings are minimal and classy – softened with textured fabrics and filtered natural light. Everyday items are neatly tucked away in seamless wall cabinets. A cool, semi-goth-inspired look is the inspiration behind this minimalistic, sleek living space.

Selected pieces in monochrome tones of different textures dress up the living area. Snug throws and a checked carpet lend the space a hit of colour, contrasting well with the darker, marble-leather furnishings.
The living room is akin to a beautiful centrepiece for a dinner table, and this centrepiece is the heart of the home that captures the essence of more refined living.

Functionality & Practicality
Upon entry, a custom-made shoe cabinet in neutral beige sets the tone of contemporary elegance and functional design. Colourful, abstract floor tiles greet the eyes, giving the space an artsy vibe and visually separating the entryway from the spacious hall.

Kitchen & Dining:
Customised for a complete utility experience unique to the abode: a solid, wooden dining table is married to a fair, marble island, which also serves as a casual bar area, additional counter space or, as a mini buffet table when hosting parties. To maximise the layout as much as possible, an accustomed dry kitchen boasts a compact arrangement, neatly housing kitchenware, gadgets, and essentials, perfectly cubed-in against the wall.

Though compact in size, intelligent storage systems and light-coloured walls make the most of the home’s intimate dining and kitchen space, turning it into a cosy corner to spend leisure time in.

Guest - Bedroom:
The bedroom is a minimalist setup with an open-concept wardrobe, contemporary furnishings, and a unique, slide-away full-length mirror. The mirror allows natural light to stream into the room when glided open - one of this abode's unique aesthetics. Gold embellishments and minimal concepts create an opulent vibe, which pays homage to the distinctive bourgeois theme of the home.

Innovation & Originality
Master - Bedroom:
The main bedroom echoes the abode’s monochrome-mod theme in soft, cream tones. Back-lit walls and floor-to-ceiling storage spaces add depth to the room. A customised wardrobe built especially to the room’s dimensions maximises the area's use. The room is replete with a powder area and a custom window-side sofa to the bedside, which makes for a comfortable reflection spot to read and relax during a quiet afternoon.

Master - Baths:
These dreamy, hotel-like bathrooms come in cool, grey marble shades. The water closets have blinds that convey a sense of utmost zen and tranquillity that even give star-studded hotels a run for their money. The bathrooms have glass divided to separate the minimalist shower area from the water closet, keeping the WC clean and dry.

The efficient office space is spruced up with an open, gilded bookshelf, innovative cabinet solutions, and a sleek desk setup, making the space inviting and primed for the hustle. This office was made to impress, with strokes of gold against the gunmetal grey furnishings.

Environmental Sustainability
The unique theme of the home can be felt and experienced throughout the entirety of this dynamic luxury condo, which wastes no space and incorporates innovative design into its entire structure. Seamless storage, energy-saving bulbs and floor-to-ceiling windows for extra natural light ensure the rooms in Intenso 5 are as eco-friendly as they come.

Eco-friendly solution and sustainable furniture functional are integrated into Intenso 5.
1.The use of SPC flooring which can be recycle & are zero formaldehyde.
2.All laminations use for carpentry eco standard specific by green labelling scheme that cause minimal effect to the environment during production.

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