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4 weeks
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The Zizz Condo B7-07,The Zizz Condo,Jalan PJU 10/1A,DAMANSARA Damai
47830 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

This project aim to refurbish from an existing old tropical house to a tropical house typically has a contemporary look or style but uses tropical architecture strategies.These characteristics allow your home to take advantage of the tropical climate. We let in plenty of natural ventilation and light. However, they also provide shade from direct sunlight and shelter from the rain. Nature and the outdoors also play an essential role in a tropical modern house.

From this project, we Maximize Operable Windows And Doors To Outdoor Spaces. This is because
nature has a positive impact on human emotions. Open plan living and dining areas can flow out to exterior terraces, patios and courtyards, creating a greater sense of wide-open spaces common in modern homes.
Besides, by adding a lot of operable windows and doors can also be a way to allow air to pass through your home.

Natural ventilation is a crucial part of a tropical modern home. It ensures that you and your family are cool without the need for air conditioning. Materials such as stone, terracotta clay and natural timber complement its white walls. This combination adds a lot of warmth to a tropical modern interior and exterior. These materials not only add warm, natural tones but also introduces texture to your home. Another benefit of adding natural material is its sustainability.

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