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8 weeks
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IDPM Sdn Bhd A-3-10, Block Anson, Plaza Arkadia,
3, Jalan Intisari
52200 Desa Park City
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Borneo natural diversity “A Culture Trip Asia”
One concept to suit two corporations and to create a collective space for two diverse brands– which has the same conception & ideology.
Hence, our key design idea is a combination of A Journey To Growth Culture and a Travel Vacation Culture.
Malaysia, particularly the Borneo, houses the oldest tropical jungles in the world - setting it as more ancient than the Amazon jungles. It has more than 20 unique wildlife species worldwide like hornbill, orang-utan, rafflesia, etc. In addition, Borneo has unique and preserved cultural elements which will be our key features in our design.
With the above inspirations, we designed the office in an architectural crafted plant, combined with earth tone color materials i.e. brick wall cladding and hone cement with a touch of the cultural element as highlights - i.e, a modern twist of the weaving pattern as well as perfect color combination derives from the cultural blend.

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