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Interior Design Project Info

Design Vision
To emphasize the luxury and delicacy of the space pattern, designer avoid the gorgeous and cumbersome details to pile up, providing an open and comfortable vision by applying fashionable timeless materials colours, and delicate furniture details.
To meet their client’s requirements, the open-plan design is spacious and embraces the abundance of natural light, giving it a homely feel that is both visually impressive and welcoming to all. Chevron shaped wooden floors, large white wainscoting, large gold arch, a handful of gold, brown hues and ornate details evokes the romance, opulent classic beauty of Greek and Roman design.

A minimalist hanging shoe cabinet and a linear lighting pick up on the lustrous theme of the concept. Perimeter lights across the space paint an atmospheric glow down the foyer, giving a warm welcome to family members and visitors.
A clean gold PVD coating arch with led strips at seating area with a full height mirror and quartz stone top seating area making the entrance a marvel even before entering the unit. The left side wainscoting with a vertical wall sconce echoes the PVD coating of the arch and the shoe rack handle.
The ceiling is embedded with fluted simple elegant ceiling cornices without floral ornaments. The existing floor is replaced with chevron shaped wooden floors that draws people into the unit.

Entering the unit there is a Vasari wall with a large-scale photo aligning with the fluted vertical spray paint wooden panel and a sleek drawer in the middle. The drawer acts as a storage for keys and daily essential items. With a full height cabinet with semi open concept fluted glass on top, it serves as a display cabinet for decorations, books and souvenir nook. The bottom part in another hand acts as a shoe storage for client.

Dining room
The continuous wall storage when entering the unit elongates the visual effect. Next to the display there stood a huge golden arch with full height mirror to mirrored the bar counter dining table.
The exquisite bar counter dining table although is top with marble veins quartz stone is movable with the ingenuity of designer to house any events in the unit. The bar counter can be move stick to the partition if the owner needed extra place to move around.

Living Room
Living room features a sweeping off-white leather couch design that dominates much of the living room. A round coffee table sets contracts with the squarish modular sofa.
A symmetrical back wall symmetrical bifold door extending the wide and imposing axis of the apartment. Embellished with metal linear along with the furniture details presenting a refined and generous space personality.
Platform area
At the full height window platform area, the sunlight pours in during evening, owner practice yoga and meditation at this area. Designer designed a mantle with simple strokes to keep in simple and avoid dust to accumulate on the edges. Work in concert with the arch in the middle, the mantel inner space uses arch design with 2 tier shelving. Apart from the yoga usage, owner likes to invites friends over to have tea time session or as a relax nook to curl up during evening. The 2-tier shelving and top area will display few arts, decorations and a few delicate teacups. The 1-seater is movable to make space for owner to practice yoga at the area.

Kitchen is a haven to the hostess, she likes to cook stews and drink healthy juices daily. She spent most of her time in kitchen on daily basis. She will prepare daily meals for her husband and herself so she wishes to have a really convenient kitchen that will ease her daily routine.
The hospitable host likes to have family reunion and will frequently invites friends over. He requests to have a display cabinet to store his wine and tea collection that can see clearly so he can quickly identify the items and receive guests freely.
Uniting both of their thoughts in kitchen, designer came up with a solution to merge both in one kitchen. Provided the space in kitchen is compact, designer divide the kitchen area to a part for storage, another part for cooking, washing with table tops enough for them to perform freely.
Limited space, designer place the oven, pots bottom of the kitchen top, preventing hassle on top of the table. The oven storage is pullable to easy the owner to cook, clean and move. Designer also propose client to go for 4 in 1 kitchen tap, including normal hot and cold mains water, cold filtered and boiling water.
Instant boiling water allows owner to make tea, coffee, and all hot drinks. Owner can fill large pans with filtered, boiling water to cook pasta, couscous, noodles, and rice; make instant porridge and soups, blanch and prepare vegetables; sterilise baby bottles and degrease baking trays - in no time at all. Furthermore, the filter can be hide under the sink area, saving space on the kitchen top.

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