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RM 2,000,000
104 weeks
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Art 10 Design Sdn Bhd No.26,Jalan Simbang 7,
Taman Perling
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

Nestled within a peaceful and tranquil environment, the existing house has an amazing strong façade and massive landscape space. Client’s brief is to have a retreat home that houses big family gatherings.

Our strategy is to extend the interior space towards the massive landscape space, and by doing so, living, dining and wet kitchen becomes much bigger, with additional gym room that overlooks the landscape. And on the first floor, an office space, enlarged family room and two large balconies for relaxing are achieved. Respecting the original façade that is a beauty by itself, the extension façade corresponds and merge indistinctly with the existing façade.

Merging landscape and natural lights into the interior has always been our main goal of the design. And since client is also a Koi lover, the layout is organized in such a way that the water flows from the water feature that begins at the boundary wall towards the center of the house where a big koi pond is, sandwiched between the dining, dry kitchen and living. Hence the dry kitchen and dining room has full view of this koi pond. Besides, a long stretch of covered outdoor terrace for outdoor relaxing has been introduced with a bridge crossing the koi pond. Landscape is also introduced at first floor balcony outside master bedroom, where scented Jasmine are planted at the perimeter.

Client’s brief of a more minimalist and Zen interior concept, lead us to the selection of more raw and natural elements that exudes the material’s natural beauty. Instead of pure Zen, we introduced some tropical vibes into the interior, where color palettes are kept simple and minimal, but rich in texture.

These can be seen at the selection of raw granite slab TV wall that not only extends upwards but also extends outwards towards the terrace, diminishing the visibility of internal and external space. And right above the living, five locally handcrafted lamp shade using rattan that resembles petals can be seen. Raw granite slab can also be seen at family room’s TV wall. Another feature of Zen and Tropical fushion can be seen at the dining table, where a combination of natural marble top with glass block that can be lit up at night, mimicking Japanese lantern. And moreover, the calm study room is fused with grid-like ceiling and walls with a center solid wood top table and Universal steel leg.

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