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"DESIGN IS LIMITLESS" means composed of memory, architecture, space, senses, hierarchy, balance, artisan, pure, deco, art, and unique with limitless cycles of twelve elements. When the twelve elements are combined, it can create a customized design space.

In the initial design stage, the interaction and connection between the three elements (architecture), (space), and (texture) can be found a suitable design on these spaces. (Memory) is to reach a consensus from the client living habits and (sense) communication with the client, integrate with the small details of the client's life into the design of aesthetics and practicality.

The middle stage of design (hierarchy), (balance), (pure) is our design principle to create a hierarchical sense of space, bringing out nature and purist spaces in the sense of visual, physical balance and simplicity. So it creates a completely new and comfortable environment.

The final stage of design (artisan) in the exquisite craftsmanship and joining is from the inheritance of experience and learning to innovate and come out the new design, (deco), (art) space embellished with visual enjoyment. And bring out the client's unique personality and art sense, giving more meaning into space. (Unique) customized design for a client's dream spaces.

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