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About Themist Sdn Bhd

"Themist" is derived from the word “Theme” – “Ist”.
Curators of Theme Collections by specialist, artisan, handcraft, designers and people who makes a difference.

Themist have been brand by professionals that understood the needs of our everyday life and spaces that we indulge.
A good interior brings all the importance and elevates us to a special everyday life experience.
Our team works through the ideas of details and curates’ varieties of collections that suits individual unique preferences.
Collections of New trends from all over the world to be design and available easily with us.

​Furnishing, Lighting and Carpets + Rugs
Product designs of all the unique items that will be curated individually.
Handcrafted and handmade by every unique item being available with us.

Artist Products to be available by online.

Decors and Home Essential Products
Product designers and curations that handmade unique items to be available with us.

​Household products
Unique Handcrafted Natural products by different brands to be available with us online.

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