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About Movent Mecila

Philosophy of Movent
“Moving Forward” is the key to success, and in Movent, we believe that having a true passion to make great designs is the only path to satisfy everyone we come across.
Every single piece made by our brand is well designed, made in-house, under continues supervision to deliver a perfect form of our vision in developing a modern prestigious lifestyle. With that, every single piece made by Movent is the absolute balance between true innovation, quality, luxury and modernity.

Our Founders
The two founders of Movent have been best friends for years, knitted by arts and designs. Two art enthusiasts aspire to make every home embrace its tenants in comfort and luxury. Our modern company bring in designers’ masterpieces to the office. Every piece is authentically designed by Movent. We’re not solely focused on the furniture, but we emphasize on introducing a whole concept of space. Movent provides interior design consultancy and designer-made furniture to ensure that your space will be unique and exemplary. Movent want its clients to feel the preciousness of beauty which brings the sense of wellbeing.
"As a considered collective for the discerning, Movent champions great ideas by independent businesses, connecting people to a world of exceptional quality and craftsmanship with e-commerce platform.”

Movent is a well-established interior design firm in Malaysia. With stable and ever expanding partnerships with experienced designers and architects to produce series of luxury home designs and contemporary fully handmade furniture. Back in its first days, started off by transforming empty rooms into vibrant spaces to live, work and play.
Today, Movent is one of its kind as a production firm of quality products. Movent values each and every client by balancing their aesthetic preferences and practical requirements. Movent has collaborated with the most reputable producers of furniture in Malaysia with over 20 years of expertise in the industry, to produce luxury home designs and contemporary fully handmade furniture, which guarantees to make you live an urban lifestyle.

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