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About Kompass_Design_Atelier

About :
KOMPASS_DESIGN_ATELIER, Imagineers, Designers Craftsmen
Imagineers originated from Kompass Seni, established in 1998 by Rokiah Mohd Yusof, with a reputation for personalised client service, subscribing to the philosophy of hearing what the client wants and translating it into creative and cost effective design solutions that are customised, contextualised and regionalised with total commitment towards climate, location, culture & history. We are a Design + Build company where we offer a One Stop Centre for all client’s need from concept to handover stage.

Design Philosophy :
We always strive to create timeless space which will not age over the years. Typically, our interiors are elegant, opulent yet minimalist. It is of utmost importance to us that they are also supreme comfortable and tailored entirely to the client needs..

We always mix modern and cultural elements, as well as combining colours, patterns, textures and scales in order to create space which look as though they have developed over the years, which each elect adding its own layer of individuality and history.

Attention to detail is essential, it is vital that every element of a space is thoroughly considered from architectural details to modern technology with a timeless look.

Design integrity is the core of everything we do, it is extremely important to understand the story of a space, and to ensure that any design decisions are made wit respect to these. We want to create spaces that look as though they have always been there, and will be there for years to come.

We do Projects :
All assignments are tackled from and imagineer and conceptioneer’s perspective. Approaching issues from fundamental basic allows viewing at the root of the problems. Problem solving has to be from ground up.

Be it for Wholesome Interior Design embracing the Architecture, Progressive Conservation, Integrated Landscaping, Inclusive Planning, the single most important ingredient is Man.

We engaged the end users to expand the understanding of fundamental needs and responding to it through design.

Our Service :

Housing | Residential | Commercial | Retail | Office | Clinics

- Interior Design
- Interior Architecture
- Interior Decorator
- Masterplaning
- Architecture
- Product Design
- Industrial Design
- New Built House/ Building
- Renovation
- Refurbishment
- Unit Fit-Out
- Authority Submission/ Liaison
- Project Management
- AIRBNB Design Consultant
- Real Estate Consultant
- Parametric Design Solution
- BIM Design Solution

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