6 Makeovers to Beautify Your Home’s Most Unsightly Nooks and Crannies

6 Makeovers to Beautify Your Home’s Most Unsightly Nooks and Crannies

Dani Willatt by Dani Willatt on Jun 22, 2016
Why you should care

It’s high time you give your home’s unsightly spots and items a second chance.

With every home comes the good, the bad, and the ugly. Today, we’re taking a look at the latter – the unsightly bits in every Malaysian home that noone really likes to think twice about.

From wet waste bins, to trailing cables and dusty AC compressors, we’re here to offer second chances to those spots you’ve probably given up on.

Offender #1: Charging Area

With all our precious electronic devices come the confusing rojak of wires, rat-nest of USB cords, and the mild terror of not being able to find your charger when you need it most.

The Quick-Fix: Charging Box

The simple solution is to make sure the mess of tangled wires occurs in one accessible place that is out of sight. Simply grab a gift-box or shoebox that is easy on the eyes, cut a hole in the back and fit a power strip inside.

The Commitment: Charging Drawer

Keep things ultra organiSed and sleek by condensing your charging needs into one or more drawers.

charging drawer

SOURCE: blog.hookerfurniture.com

Similarly, you’ll need to create a hole in the back of a top drawer. Wire a power strip into the drawer that can plug into a wall outlet down the back. Create dividers within the drawer for your different items and voila! Never lose track of those chargers again.

Offender #2: Wet Kitchen Bin

We’re sure most Asian kitchens can relate to the pungent mess of food scraps from meal times. Can something be done?

The Quick-Fix: Pimp Your Tabletop Bin

Composting bins are the way to go, but that doesn’t mean they need look grubby. Head online to find something cheap and cheerful that adds a little pizazz to your countertop. You can find plenty of options on Lazada.



table bin

SOURCE: akro.co.uk

The Commitment: Rolling Bin

If you’d like to maximiSe that space under the sink and get your compost scraps out of sight, opt for a rolling recycling bin in your kitchen counter or island. Just make sure you’ve got a lid on each to keep bugs out.

For a next level hack, check out the drawer-converted-chopping board below.

kitchen bin hack

SOURCE: L: interiorsroom.ru; R: woohome.com

Offender #3: Air Conditioner

Behind every purr of an aircon is the eyesore that is its compressor.

The Quick-Fix: Hide it Behind a Board

Attach a magnetised blackboard to the front of your compressor. If you’re struggling to find one in the right size, simply measure up a wood-board at your nearest home renovation store and paint it with chalkboard paint before mounting magnets to it.

air con board

SOURCE: L: latimes.com; R: decorhacks.com

The Commitment: Curtains/Lattice Wall

For a window AC unit, hanging café-style curtains on a tension rod in front of the compressor is a great way to tuck it away from sight. For an AC unit outside, use lattice blinds to form a wall or box around it. Just be sure your unit has sufficient ventilation.

disguise air conditioner compressor

SOURCE: Pinterest user Shelly Roxbury

Offender #4: Fridge Door

Often a graveyard for tacky souvenir, promotional magnets, and finger smudges.

The Quick-Fix: Frame and Organise

Organise a clean-up of your fridge door, getting rid of all those magnets you don’t really like. Photos of loved ones and drawings don’t need to be simply stuck on with blue tack. Spray paint some cheap frames and attach magnets to their undersides for a more polished look.

refrigerator photo frames

SOURCE: goodhousekeeping.com

The Commitment: Fridge Wallpaper

Wallpapering your fridge can be a little pricey. However, the results are stunning.

refrigerator wallpaper

SOURCE: Auntpeaches.com

Offender #5: Switches, Alarms and Thermostats

We’re talking about any control panel mounted to the wall. Usually yellowed from the sun or prone to grubby fingerprints.

The Quick-Fix: Washi Tape

Is there anything that washi tape can’t improve? It’s a great way to add colour to light plates and control panels without doing lasting damage or costing much at all.

light switch hack

SOURCE: tinkerwiththis.blogspot.com

The Commitment: Hide it Behind a Painting

If you have a framed or mounted painting in the house that you’re happy to move, this option won’t cost you much either. Simply place the painting on top of the switch so that it is covered. Of course, this option works best for those control panels you don’t need to use daily.

Offender #6: Shower Shelf

You know, the lineup of bottles in various colours. Often slipping and sliding on a scummy shelf.

The Quick-Fix: Hang ‘Em

First things first, try and clean up the shelves. Do you really need ten half-empty bottles of shower gel? Transfer what you can back to the dry storage areas of your bathroom and use curtain rails to clip the remaining bottles to the shower rail, keeping them within easy access.

Shower hangers

SOURCE: gabworthy.com

The Commitment: Fancy Bottles

If you like the thought of hotel-style showers , you can swap out unsightly shampoo and conditioner bottles entirely and replace them with stylish bottles from Muji or Daiso. Who doesn’t love that minimalist Japanese aesthetic? Squeaky clean.


muji shower bottles

SOURCE: muji.com

Why you should care

It’s high time you give your home’s unsightly spots and items a second chance.

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