Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Tracking Sharing Links
    1. In order to track sharing links, uses cookies. From the time that you click on a sharing link, a cookie is stored in your browser for 6 months. The cookie is refreshed for another 6 months every time you visit within the initial 6 months, and within valid periods after.
  2. Sharing Your Unique Link
    1. If a user submits a quote request using your sharing link within the 6 months of initial click-through or during the refreshed period, you will earn the commission for that lead, provided that it’s valid. See “What Constitutes a Valid Lead” below.
    2. If a user clicks on your sharing link along with links by other users, only the latest link clicked counts and the owner of that link will be viable for the commission.
  3. What Constitutes a Valid Lead?
    1. Only valid leads (quote requests) submitted via your sharing link will be awarded a commission. They must fulfil the following criteria:
      1. Location: Selangor, WP Kuala Lumpur, WP Putrajaya and Johor
      2. Request type: Multiple (not direct)
      3. Publishing: Must be verified for legitimacy by’s support team, then be published
      4. 45-Day Hold: Must not have reported issues within 45 days of publish (e.g. cancellation, contact failure, refund, and more)
  4. Commission Reward
    1. Commission rewards for valid leads will be credited into your account. A monthly maximum of RM 5,000 is applied to commission awards. Example scenario:
      1. If your January commission award is RM 4,900 and you earn commission worth RM 250 from another valid lead, you will only receive RM 100 of that amount as this will bring you to a monthly maximum of RM 5,000.
  5. Rights to Amendments & Termination
    1. reserves the rights to suspend or terminate the referral program or your referral account at any time and for any reason.
    2. Such reasons include but are not limited to fraudulent activities or violation of’s terms and conditions. may also change the terms of the referral program at any time, and at its own discretion.
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