Payment and Refund Policy

  1. How to Purchase or Top Up Your Credits

      If you wish to purchase or top up your credits, all you have to do is:

      Step 1: Browse the package options.

      Step 2: Select your package and bank in the respective amount to the following details:

      Bank: Public Bank
      Company: Mocento Sdn Bhd
      Account No.: 3177623730

      Alternatively, you can write a cheque to:

      Mocento Sdn Bhd

      Step 3: Send a screenshot of the cheque bank-in slip or online fund transfer receipt to [email protected] or your account manager.

      Step 4: Your account will be updated of the purchased credits within 1 hour of payment receipt.

  2. Refund Policy
      Refunds are managed on a case-by-case basis. If you encounter any of the following, please contact [email protected] to request for a refund:

      1. Upon first contact with the lead owner, you are informed that they have already engaged another interior designer. First contact with lead owner must be made within 3 days of unlocking the lead.
      2. The lead owner has never responded to any of your calls or emails.
      Once you have submitted your refund request,’s service team will verify your report and inform you of the validity of the refund request within 7 working days. As the service team practices a stringent verification process to ensure quality leads, refunds will not be made for the following cases:

      1. Failure to agree on suitable meeting times between interior designer and lead owner.
      2. Lead owner has engaged another professional after the first contact with the interior designer.
      3. Lead owner has changed their mind on going ahead with the renovation.
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