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From all-white kitchens to sea-inspired spaces, these ideas will inspire your new cooking space.

Find kitchen design inspirations from this compilation of projects we found in Johor Bahru.

The kitchen is one of the most utilised spaces in a home, so we suggest you pour your love and attention into the design of this room.

A pristine white retro kitchen like this one will take effort to maintain, but is totally worth it.

Spacious and functional, this contemporary kitchen will make cooking a breeze.

This monotone cooking space is small but will let you cook up a storm in no time. We love how tailored the space looks.

You don’t have to do much to make single wall kitchens look stunning. Take this minimalistic kitchen for example, it perfectly combines white and wooden cabinetry to create a chic space.

Finding the perfect balance between old and new, this modern and vintage kitchen flaunts sleek woodwork alongside white cabinetry to create a warm ambience.

Don’t be afraid of all-white kitchens. Although cleaning may be a hassle, they give a timeless look acts as a blank canvas for all your seasonal décor.

With a blue and green theme, this cooking space reminds us of the sea. A fun and unique idea for homes that want something different.

When a single wall kitchen doesn’t suffice, consider adding a small island to make meal prep an easier task. Plus, the island can double as your dining table if you’re in an apartment or small home.

The bright pop of yellow elevates this contemporary cooking space. The surprising contrast of the bold hue gives life to the otherwise simple space.

A classic galley kitchen like this one looks tailored and clean. Often unappreciated, the white scheme gives the space a cohesive timeless look.

If your home sees a lot of family gatherings and cookouts, we suggest you consider a cooking space like this one. Featuring a modern theme, this spacious kitchen will be the focal point of your home.

This cooking space looks warm and welcoming as the colour scheme and woodwork pair together to create a cosy space.

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Why you should care

From all-white kitchens to sea-inspired spaces, these ideas will inspire your new cooking space.

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