Turn Your Balcony into a Green Haven

Turn Your Balcony into a Green Haven

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on May 27, 2017
Why you should care

Don’t let the lack of space stop your green thumbs!

There’s nothing more frustrating than being a garden lover trapped in a tiny apartment. A balcony garden doesn’t quite replace a garden on the ground, but sometimes it just has to!

Don’t let limited outdoor space prevent you from having your green haven because you can do wonders with what you’ve got.

1 Extension of your Home

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Use the balcony to bring the outdoors in, especially if you live in a high rise building. Make your balcony garden the extension of your home haven, where you go to unwind and take in nature without any hassle. Studies have proven that incorporating plants into your space improves your overall health and provides fresher air even if you live in the city!

2 Determine Climate and Conditions

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Before you embark on turning your balcony into a garden, ask yourself if you have enough sunlight, space for soil, access to water, and time to maintain the plants as they affect what plants you can grow.

If you live in a rain or shine country like Malaysia, you should consider providing some shelter for your greens. Invest in blinds, umbrella,s or even overhead awnings to protect your plants from drastic weather because too much sunlight and rain can be an overkill.

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If you have a small balcony and a busy schedule, we’d suggest you skip the bamboo, mint, and creepers as they can be a handful; plant low maintenance green like cacti, herbs and ferns instead. Always plan ahead because plants are a responsibility, you don’t want them to die on you or become overgrown menaces.

3 Create a Focal Point

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When working with small spaces, it’s always best to pick a focal point and build around it. Think a small tree, shrub, or a vibrant flower plant and work around it with smaller trails of plants. You can even plant vertically on shelves to create a privacy wall, use window boxes on ledges, or even use your railings to hang your greens. It doesn’t take much to make a small space seem cluttered so work with what you’ve got wisely.

4 Use Different Plants

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You don’t want your garden looking like a paddy field so add some diversity to your garden and space. Include veggies, herbs, flowers ferns or anything that you’d like. If you’re a beginner, note that herbs and succulents don’t take up much space and don’t require much tending to. Once you’ve mastered that, then continue on to veggies, fruits, and flowers, most of which you can save cost on since you won’t have to buy anymore for your meals!

Check out all the edible plants you can save money on here.

5 Get Creative with Containers

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You want your balcony to look welcoming and vibrant and not like a sea of green. Break up the greenery with some colours and patterns by filling old jars, tins, and vases with potted plants. They add variety and a splash of colour and pattern to your outdoor space. It’s also a great way for you to differentiate your herbs from your foliage and other plants.

Why you should care

Don’t let the lack of space stop your green thumbs!

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