Updating Past Trends: Interior Design Favourites from the 50s - 70s

Updating Past Trends: Interior Design Favourites from the 50s – 70s

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Feb 6, 2017
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Blasts from the past that can inspire your new space!

Home interior design trends come and go but some are just timeless. Just like fashion and music, they often get recycled with modernising tweaks here and there.

We take you back through the decades to pick up vintage ideas and styles that will fit right into your 2017 home.


TREND: Vinyl Chairs, Contrasting Colours, and Linoleum Floors

The 50’s were all about embracing comfort and leisure in the post war era. Homeowners began adding pops of colour to liven up their spaces while experimenting with various interior design styles.

home interior retro 50's

SOURCE: furnishburnish.com

1958-Woman's DayUPDATE: Faux Leather Chairs, Colour Blocking, and Wood Floors

If you envy the lively and bright homes of the 50’s, emulate the colours and gloss by incorporating faux leather, satin finish wood floors, and vibrant furniture or accents.

retro home interior

SOURCE: yellowtrace.com.au

remodelled 1950 home

SOURCE: yellowtrace.com.au


TREND: Mixture of Bold and Natural, Textured Rugs, Pattern, and Scandinavian-Inspired Wood Work

The 60’s was the decade of rebellion which TV series Mad Men pays homage to. It was also the era of flamboyance and lavish spending directed at all manners of style including clothing and homes. Interior design took on subdued and natural walls only to be brought to life by bright coloured furniture pieces, shaggy rugs, paisley prints and tie-dye décor.


SOURCE: terrysfabrics.co.uk

UPDATE: Neutral Colour Themes, Cut and Loop Carpets, and Bold Coloured Furnishings

The 60’s was the era when individualistic styles became prominent as we saw bolder takes on home interior designs. It’s quite a simple era to head back to via design, as we find ourselves turning towards safer, neutral hues for our walls with colour accents reserved for furniture and decor pieces.

1960 retro home

SOURCE: sarahnatsumi.com

retro home interior atop

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TREND: Hippie-Inspired, Exposed Bricks, Terracotta, Metals, and Organic Elements

Many claim the 70’s was a decade we can overlook but on the contrary, it was the era that largely contributed to the architecture and interior design world, much of which we still be include in our homes. Bare walls, wood frames, and a back to basics theme was evident in this era.

old school interiors

SOURCE: freshome.com

exposed beams interior

SOURCE: retrorenovation.com

UPDATE: Jungalow and Rustic Themes, and Open Spaces

We’re almost reliving the 70’s with these updates being the current trending themes within our homes. From exposed walls and beams to the increasing gardening and ‘greenery’ styles, we seem to have gone back in time.

retro industrial home

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retro remodelled home

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

Cover Image from sarahnatsumi.com

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Why you should care

Blasts from the past that can inspire your new space!

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