Why you should care

I like big mirrors and I cannot lie. Here’s why you should too.

It’s hard to have too much of a good thing. Mirrors are aesthetically pleasing and almost never take away from a room – neither space nor design.

So why not go big or go home? Follow these steps to learn how your space can take on this giant trend.

Step #1: Ask Yourself What You Want This Mirror to Do

1 More Light

If you have small windows or if a room in your apartment faces another building, then you probably don’t enjoy much natural lighting. Solve this problem by placing an oversized mirror opposite a window – this helps disperse sunlight throughout the room.

2 More Space

Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space. The science is simple: walls are dead ends to the eyes while mirrors reflect the space, giving an optical illusion of more space. If you want to enlarge a small area, use a mirror that takes up most of a wall.

You can also place it behind a piece or group of furniture in a small space. This highlights the furniture and enlarges the space – think about your little foyer!

3 More Style

If you’re using a mirror in place of art or photos, or you’ve stumbled upon a statement mirror that looks like it was made for your home, choose a conspicuous spot for it. It might be the wall opposite the main door or the one by the dining table. Let that statement piece really make a statement.

When choosing a spot for your mirror, also think about the part of the home that will be reflected. Placing a mirror opposite artwork or by the wall of a chandelier ensures that it reflects other visually pleasing items; don’t place it opposite a laundry basket overflowing with week-old gym shorts.

Step #2: Consider Various Designs and Placements

1 Play With Shapes

console table mirror

SOURCE: lonny.com

hexagon mirror foyer

SOURCE: domino.com

2 Lean it on a Wall

standing mirror bedroom

SOURCE: frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk

large mirror

SOURCE: 100layercake.com

3 Vintage Never Fails

vintage mirror entryway

SOURCE: howtodecorate.com

mirror dining

SOURCE: blog.aprilandmay.com

4 Overtake a Wall

large mirror living area

SOURCE: theeverygirl.com

mirror bathroom

SOURCE: mydomaine.com

5 Reflective Borders

bedroom mirror

SOURCE: triciajoyce.com

vanity mirror

SOURCE: neimanmarcus.com

6 Strategic Panels

mirror panels

SOURCE: frenchyfancy.com

gold mirror

SOURCE: frontgate.com

7 Multiple Mirrors

mirror gallery living room

SOURCE: domino.com

mirror wall

SOURCE: Cover image from westelm.com. Cover image from independent.co.uk. apartmenttherapy.com

Why you should care

I like big mirrors and I cannot lie. Here’s why you should too.

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