Why you should care

The perfect way to show him you care!

Our dads are our heroes, largely for putting with kids like us. So this Father’s Day we suggest you go big by giving him his very own Dad Den.

The Dad den is the older, more refined version of the man cave, where your father can escape…you, I mean, the troubles of life.

So throw him a surprise this Father’s Day by converting a spare room into a retreat!

1 Location, Location, Location

Before you take on this project, it’s crucial to find the perfect location. Finding available space will be the first challenge you face. Of course a spare room would be the first option but if you have space constraints, pick a corner of your home and convert it into a section specially dedicated to your father. We imagine dads to prefer a space far away from responsibilities and potential nagging, so try the under-stair nook, a corner in the living room, or a space in the home office.

2 Layout Comes First

interior man cave dad den

Here is where things get interesting: you need to figure out the theme and layout of your dad den. Curate the entire space to your dad’s likes and hobbies. Make sure you plan a layout and have a vision of what the end product will look like. Going into the project blindly will leave you with an uncoordinated and even cluttered space. If you have the budget, space and time, you can work with interior designers to make your dad den a reality; if you don’t, there are floor plans available online that can be helpful.

3 Sturdy Yet Comfy Furniture
interior man cave dad den

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The main criteria of a man cave or dad den is comfortable furniture. Most dads like to lounge on comfy and sturdy chairs after a long day so pick out one that is perfect for your dad. Once the seating arrangement has been decided, you’ll have a focal point to arrange all your other furniture pieces around.

4 Décor
interior man cave dad den

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While decor may not be the average Joe’s priority, we still suggest you put some thought into décor so your dad can enjoy a personalised space. Personalise the space, include your dad’s name and all the manteresting things he loves. You could include a signage that keeps people from barging in, or a poster of his favourite sports team, and even style the space according to his favourite colours!

5 Themed Pieces

Your last step is to fit the space with the main pieces that pull the entire dad den together. For example:

    • Music Man: Include a proper sound system or instruments and a collection of his favourite records.

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  • Movie Buff: A high-res television and a collection of his favourite movies
  • Home Improvement: A wall of tools and basic necessities for home improvement.
  • Techie Dad: Any techie dad would agree that no den would be complete without a proper Wii connection and a good gadget. Think along the lines of a PC or if he’s into games, a game console to help him de-stress!
  • Sports Junkie: memorabilia, posters, and jerseys; plus a high definition television because he needs a good box to yell at when his team misses a goal!

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Why you should care

The perfect way to show him you care!

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