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Help your guests feel more at home with these fun and affordable furniture.

It’s that time of year again, when ketupat, rendang, and the rest of the family squeeze into your 3-bedroom home.

While Raya food and festivities keep people happy, they don’t necessarily keep them comfortable. We scoured furniture stores for functional and stylish furniture pieces that will proof to be very useful this season:


More butts means more seats. Be prepared with this stylish leather lounger that will happily accommodate 3 extra guests without taking too much space in the living room.

Rimini Beach Lounger from Linds Furniture

Rimini lounger

SOURCE: lindsfurniture.com

Grab a couple of these fun and foldable chairs to add seating indoors or even at the porch.

MYSINGSÖ Beach Chair from Ikea

Myingso beach chair ikea

SOURCE: ikea.com

If you’re thinking of replacing an old couch, go big with a 4-seater L-shaped sofa. Not only will it comfortably fit many in front of the TV, it will also serve 2 guests passed out from food comas.

SÖDERHAMN Corner Sofa 2+1 from Ikea


Soderhamn corner sofa ikea

SOURCE: ikea.com

Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are great for the guest bedroom. Bring them out to the living area when more seats are needed!

Emily Sofa Bed from HipVan

sofa bed

SOURCE: hipvan.com.my

We’re also fans of this modular 3-seater sofa – use it for sitting or sleeping, and choose from 7 different covers!

VALLENTUNA 3-Seat Sofa With Bed from Ikea


Vallentuna seat sofa ikea

SOURCE: ikea.com

Side Table

When you’re serving a party of 20, the coffee table just won’t do. Add side tables that double up as storage or seating.

This will sit a cousin as well as a planter.

Apollo Stool from HipVan

hexagon stool

SOURCE: hipvan.com.my

Side tables with angled legs can be slid into the corner of your sofa, taking up less space while adding table surface.

Felicity Round Side Table from HipVan

round side table

SOURCE: hipvan.com.my

Stool or mini table? Both, depending on what you need at the time.

IKEA PS2017 from Ikea

Ikea ps 2017 stool

SOURCE: ikea.com

Rocking Chair

Keep the kids or an antsy new boyfriend occupied and safe within your premises with a rocking chair.

Bekvam Rocking Chair from JOY Interior Design

rocking chair

SOURCE: joyd.my

POÄNG Rocking Chair from Ikea

Poang rocking chair ikea

SOURCE: ikea.com

Add-on Dining Chairs

Additional guests are a staple during large gatherings. Buy loose dining chairs to add to the table or the living area.

These ones are still trendy, and they come in this lovely blue.

DSW Chair from JOY Interior Designer

dining chair

SOURCE: joyd.my

These ones are season-appropriate green, and come in a set of 2.

Minya Chair from HipVan

green dining chair

SOURCE: hipvan.com.my

Stackable chairs are a great idea, if storage space is an issue.

Stack System Chair Model 1 from Linds Furniture

stackable dining chair

SOURCE: lindsfurniture.com

Cover image from apron-hana.com.

Why you should care

Help your guests feel more at home with these fun and affordable furniture.

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