Post Party Clean Up Tips You'll be Needing

Post Party Clean Up Tips You’ll Be Needing

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Jan 25, 2017
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The best way to clean up the mess after your friends and family have cleared the area.

Big dinner gatherings can be fun and exciting but it will undoubtedly leave a mess. You’ll be left with a home full of stacked dishes, half empty cups, and crumbs all over the floors and table, enough to make the entire experience a traumatic one.

But don’t panic! We have pre-, during, and post party clean up tips that will make the process less stressful.


The best way to make the cleaning process less hectic, is by preparing for the aftermath.

  • Make sure you have coasters prepared for the different surfaces you think your guests may leave their drinks.
  • Leave tissues and clean hand towels in visible areas of the house for easy access in case of spills.
  • Keeps bins loaded with trash bags ready for easy disposal.
  • Prepare food containers for leftovers and let your guests take them home. You’ll also prevent wastage.
  • Move around valuable and fragile items to prevent unwanted accidents.
  • And lastly, try to recruit extra hands to help with clean-up before the party starts.


  • If you’re cooking during the dinner, we suggest you clean the kitchen as you go
  • Avoid cleaning up after your guests while they’re still there! It may seem like you’re rushing them out the door.


  • It’s always best to start with one area of the house before moving to another to stop you from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Place a garbage bag and an empty basket at the centre of the room. Clear all the rubbish in that area into the trash bag and place all glasses, plates, and cutlery into the basket. Place them both in the kitchen, away from where you entertain your guests.
  • Get a cleaning cloth and a multi-purpose cleaning spray to clean up all the dirt and spills. Wipe down tables and chairs while straightening the entire room. It doesn’t have to look spotless, just clean and tidy.
  • If vacuuming, sweeping and mopping is necessary, do it now, when the room has been decluttered.
  • Next, start with the washing and drying. Wash bigger items before you take the smaller and more fragile ones. Leave them all out to dry overnight. Don’t worry about putting everything away, you can always do that in the morning.
  • Lastly, dispose of all the garbage bags to prevent odour

PRO TIP: Use as many disposable items as you can for easy cleaning. For instance, serve in aluminium trays and paper plates instead of using your glass homeware.

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Why you should care

The best way to clean up the mess after your friends and family have cleared the area.

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