Interior Design Trends That Will Blow Up This Year

Interior Design Trends That Will Blow Up This Year

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Jan 14, 2017
Why you should care

Does your space need a face lift? Get with the times with this guide.

Don’t get stuck in the past; ring in the new year with these looks.

Professionals and interior designers have predicted a big shake-up with interior design themes and trends this year so if your new year’s resolution is to revamp and renovate your home, consider these ideas.

1 Time for Reflection

2017 is the year to reflect on life, decisions, and even surfaces! Trend predictors say reflective surfaces are in and will become the most popular purchase of the year. Materials like mirrors, glasses, gems and even Lucite will be incorporated into furniture and décor pieces.

We suggest you take advantage of these transparent and iridescent surfaces to brighten your home and allow light to reflect and illuminate your space.

PS: Not ready for glass and the like? try metallic surfaces.

2 Colour Me Earth

We’re not huge fans of this year’s Pantone colour but we’re definitely steering towards greener and earthy hues. We’ll see more designers and homes taking on refreshing and revitalising green tone and incorporating them into décor and furnishings.

3 Textures are Terrific

We’re moving away from flat, minimalistic designed surfaces to texture. After spending so much time staring blankly at our flat smartphone screens, computer devices and televisions, we clearly need some pattern and texture in our lives.

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According to designers, texture is a welcoming effect that brings on a sense of comfort. Materials like faux fur, velvet and perforated fabrics will be big this year.

4 One With Nature

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We’ve said this before and we’re saying it again, 2017 will be the year we go back to basics as we realise the importance of nature and how our lives revolve around it. We’re so dependent on technology that it’s best to set up the home to be a tranquil place of rest, and nature does just that.

Designers and homeowners alike are looking for materials to bring them back to nature, with organic textures, wood, wool, plants and even natural gems. House plants will also become the centre of every home in 2017. We will all be bringing the outside, inside.

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Why you should care

Does your space need a face lift? Get with the times with this guide.

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