Why you should care

These might seem like minor enhancements, but they could hurt a future sale.

When we purchase a home, we like to make improvements and remodelling to fit our personal style.

If you’re looking to sell soon or sometime down the road, read this.

1 Wallpaper Woes

Wallpapers are a great way to add life to your walls but patterns and textures can be overwhelming. We often choose designs that cater to our personal taste and disregard what potential buyers may feel.

While we’re at it, murals are also a big faux pas. Although wallpaper isn’t a permanent fixture, they can be quite the hassle to remove, resulting in added expenditure and time. So if you’re looking at selling, consider removing wallpaper and repainting the walls before your showings.

2 Colour Conundrum

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We all love a little colour in our homes but some of us take this love a little too far. Imagine bright pink walls, yellow accents and lime green tiles – they’re definitely not for everybody. It may be trendy but these trends don’t transcend time and taste.

If you have a quirky home that you’re looking to sell to a minimalist, colours can be a big no-no. Think of the time and money it will take to attempt to hide the layers of bright paint you have on.

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Another big issue potential buyers see in homes is crazy exterior colours.. If you’re ever planning on reselling, consider muted tones on your facade and let your personality shine through décor.

3 Quirky Tiles

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No we’re not talking about marble, wood, or stone tiles here; those are classics. Homes with tiles that are over-designed become over-personalised, thus decreasing the resale value. We suggest you buy rugs or decals instead. If you love extravagant tiles, then save these for smaller areas in the homes and consider re-tiling before selling.

4 Too Many Trends

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We all want our homes to be the pinnacle of cool so we pile on the trends but buyers often prefer a classic, neutral home. Velvet chairs, seasonal colours, and metallic fixtures are all trendy but using all of them in one space can be an eyesore. Why not just pick one or two trends that coincide and transcend time instead?

5 Professional Kitchens

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Kitchens are the heart of every home, it is a place of gathering and food. A sterile, overly professional looking kitchen takes away from the homey feel.

Stainless steel countertops and appliances make the space feel less like a home and more like a place of business. A kitchen remodel should focus on aspects of the kitchen that require upgrades instead of a complete makeover.

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Why you should care

These might seem like minor enhancements, but they could hurt a future sale.

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