Celebrity Homes and 7 Design Ideas We Can Lift From Them

Celebrity Homes and 7 Design Ideas We Can Lift From Them

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Mar 18, 2017
Why you should care

Get tips from celebrity homes and the genius interior designers behind them.

With resources like top interior designers and you know, money, celeb homes are a great source of inspiration.

So what if you don’t have that kind of space, and you know, money? We take a look at celebrity homes to find out what makes them drool-worthy, and how we can adopt those ideas.

1 The Obamas’ Former Dining Room

obama white house dining

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

What we like: The former president brought character to the white house by decorating the historical and regal dining room with a piece of modern art. The contrast is just right.

Modern vintage dining

SOURCE: construction2style.com

What we learnt: If you’re a fan of the modern-vintage interiors, design most of the room in either style. Then, replace 1 or 2 key pieces with an item in the contrasting style. In this case, the vintage table and tiles are offset by the modern chairs and pendant light.

2 Meg Ryan’s Open Plan Living Area

meg ryan living area

SOURCE: architecturaldigest.com

What we like: The Sleepless in Seattle star cleverly divides an open-plan living area into a seating area and a work desk so that the two spaces look separate, yet unified.

dining living open space

SOURCE: houzz.com

What we learnt: Using visual separators like a feature wall, art piece, and rug, you can frame each area to draw an illusion of separation. Furnish the whole area in the same colour theme to bring the whole space together.

3 Kendall Jenner’s Versatile Living Room

kendall jenner living area

SOURCE: xposurephotos.com

What we like: The best part about this reality-star-turned-supermodel’s room is its perfect mix of neutral tones and colour accents.

grey yellow living room

SOURCE: sofa.com

What we learnt: Keep the bigger (and more permanent) pieces of a room neutral (e.g. wall, sofa, and architecture). Then decorate the space with smaller items like pillows and vases that offer a pop of colour. This way, when you change your mind about the colours, you can replace the smaller items and spruce up the room without making major, costly changes.

4 Louis Tomlinson’s Sunny Living Area

louis Tomlinson living room

SOURCE: splashnews.com

What we like: Sunlight is the best kind of lighting, and this One Directioneer seems to think so too.

A photo posted by Chairish (@chairishco) on

What we learnt: Large glass doors and windows welcome natural light while reflective pieces like furniture, mirrors, and crystal chandeliers reflect that light to further brighten up a room. We love this glass door and curtain combo because you can control the amount of daylight you get.

5 Patrick Dempsey’s Dining Room

Patrick Dempsey dining

SOURCE: Architecturaldigest.com

What we like: Even without a dedicated dining room, McDreamy manages to set up a dining area by an odd-shaped wall. The best part? It looks effortless.

dining bench corner

SOURCE: mydomaine.com

What we learnt: A built-in dining bench is a smart way to make use of unused corners or walls; you don’t need a dedicated room for dining.

6 Reese Witherspoon’s Under-Stair Study

reese witherspoon under stair office

SOURCE: elledecor.com

What we like: The Legally Blonde star’s bright idea to place a study desk and chair under a stairway is a great use of space. Bonus points for that window that lets in natural light and opens up the area!

Under stairs bar

SOURCE: houzz.com

What we learnt: The space under the stairs is oft-neglected real estate! Use it as a home office, storage, or even as a bar. We like that last one because the darker mood of the space suits its function.

7 Ellen Pompeo’s Gender-Neutral Bedroom

ellen Pompeo master bedroom

SOURCE: elledecor.com

What we like: Though it’s not the room that Pompeo’s Dr. Meredith shares with McDreamy (played by Patrick Dempsey), it still is a gorgeous bedroom. It’s ornate yet not too feminine, and brooding yet not too masculine.

Gender inclusive bedroom

SOURCE: holtwoodhipster.blogspot.com

What we learnt: Design most of the room in neutral or masculine tones and patterns like dark colours and solid textures. Then use ornate or textural pieces like this lamp and fluffy pillow to balance the room. More tips on designing a his and hers bedroom here.

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Cover image from architecturaldigest.com.

Why you should care

Get tips from celebrity homes and the genius interior designers behind them.

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