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Design tricks to make your home lit!

No one wants to live in dark, cave-like conditions besides maybe, your teenage emo-rock self in 1998. But not every home is gifted with good lighting.

Invite all that warmth and light into your home with these small changes to make that bright difference!

1 See the Skylights

open skylight

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Nothing brightens up a space quite like natural light. The key to making your home brighter is by having natural light drift into your space. Open windows and doors, and if architecture allows, an open or glass ceiling! With an opening overhead, you’d have an endless stream of bright natural light and all that Vitamin D.

skylight home

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2 Let there be Light

indoor lighting

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You don’t have to be install tonnes of lighting to create a well-lit space, you just have to make strategic decisions like function and focal point. Use this guide:

  • Install indirect lights to more relaxed spaces like the living room.
  • Use low hanging lights in areas like your dining space to highlight the focus of the room.
well lit space

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  • Overhead lighting and recessed lighting (lighting unit with hidden structure) are great for kitchens where bright lighting is important.
  • Bedrooms are best off with soft and warm lighting – use indirect lighting like nightstands and walls sconces.
  • Direct and bright lights need to be installed into home offices for a more conducive work environment.
3 See Right Through You

bright home indoors

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Glass furnishing and windows allow light to stream through, and adds to the illusion of openness and brightness . They are  also unobtrusive to the light fixtures in your home.

You can opt for ceiling to floor windows, large glass doors, or even glass cabinets to give your home a lighter and brighter finish.

4 Wall to Wall

bright home

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A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to the lighting in your home or space! White or bright tones can cause light to bounce off the walls, illuminating dreary corners. You can also opt for paints with glossy sheens that reflect light.

5 When Will My Reflection Show

home decorMirrors will become your best friend when you have a dimly lit home (or a small one). They not only reflect light to make the space brighter, they also give the illusion of a bigger space.

mirrors home interior

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6 Fix the Furniture

bright home interior

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Furniture plays a vital role in your home. Although this year’s  trends point towards big, bold furniture, it can sometimes drain the light out of a room. Light coloured and minimalistic design furniture on the other hand, will make your space feel light, breezy and airy.

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Why you should care

Design tricks to make your home lit!

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