Why you should care

Rising property market means it’s time to consider alternatives!

A home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in their lifetime, especially when property prices are skyrocketing.

We all need a roof over our heads so many are considering the more affordable route of building container homes, even in Malaysia!

A shipping container home is an alternative living space made entirely from the shell of shipping containers. Yes, the ones you find at ports. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the idea of owning a container home.

1 Affordable Alternative

Container homes are more affordable as the cost of land and construction are significantly less than buying a house (or condo) off the market. An 800sqf condominium unit in Kuala Lumpur would currently cost you at least RM300,000 but a container home built on purchased land would cost you under RM100,000!

Let us break it down for you. The average price of 2,000sqf of land in Malaysia would cost you roughly RM40,000, a pre-used container will range from RM2000 to RM8000 (depending on size and condition), while basic building expenses would cost around RM40,000. That’s a total cost of RM100,000 or less for a completed house!

2 Unique Aesthetic

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Container homes are aesthetically unique and make for great Instagram shots. With industrial themed homes now on the rise, why not go all out with a container home? All you’d need is a great designer to turn your shipping container into an enviable home.

3 Eco-Friendly

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There are an estimated 10 million unused shipping containers sitting in ports around the world. Reusing these containers is an eco-friendly way of repurposing the steel. Containers that are no longer in use are often abandoned, resulting in companies having to spend large sums of money to melt the steel back down to be reused.

Keep in mind that purchasing a brand new container is not saving the environment as the number of unused containers continue to stack up.

4 Sturdy Material

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You would think transportation containers aren’t sturdy enough to live in but they’re used to transport some heavy duty materials like heavy machinery and sometimes ever relics! So if they can house precious cargo like that, it can surely house your home.

Not convinced yet? Even the US Army uses them as shelters because they’re made out of sturdy steel that can withstand up to thirty tons of weight!

5 Fast Construction

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SOURCE: denverpost.com

With a container. your home structure is already semi built! Your four walls are already up, and if you need more space, you can stack them up like Legos. A majority of the work that needs to be done is to the land, to prepare it as foundation of the container.

Many companies that manufacture container homes construct the layout and design before they ship the container to you. Traditionally, a home built from ground up would take at least a year but container homes can be ready to live in within a matter of months!

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Why you should care

Rising property market means it’s time to consider alternatives!

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