Client FAQ

  1. How can I benefit from using is like your matchmaking site. We connect Malaysian home professionals with property owners seeking to upgrade their space. As an interior designer or renovation specialist, you can benefit from using as it is a fast, simple, and convenient way to connect with potential leads and customers.

    On, you can create a profile to showcase your portfolio to thousands of users daily. Your projects can also be featured on our social media platforms, easily garnering the attention of eager property owners. Being a part of gives you access to the marketplace where you are able to pick your own leads anywhere and anytime you choose!

  2. What are credits used for?

    Credits are purchasable tokens that are used to unlock leads on the marketplace. Once a lead has been unlocked, you will receive the contact information of the property owner.

  3. How do I purchase credits? Can my credits expire?

    We provide various credit packages that can be purchased from any one of our business development managers. These credits do not have an expiration date.

  4. How do I connect with my leads?

    Once a lead has been obtained, you will be provided with the contact information of the property owner. From there you are encouraged to call or Whatsapp the property owner and pitch your ideas.

    In the event that the property owner does not get back in touch with you after your first attempt at connecting, we would recommend that you call or Whatsapp the property owner at least 4 times. Based on feedback provided by both property owners and our interior designer clients, this is the best way to attempt to connect with them.

  5. How do I get notified once a lead is published? Can I set a lead alert?

    Yes, you can. A Lead Alert option can be found in the Lead Marketplace. You can set up an alert based on renovation budget, property location, preferred project begin date, property type, property status, and even services required.

  6. What if there is a discrepancy between the information provided on Atap and what is relayed to us by the property owner?

    If there are discrepancies in the information provided, the interior designer can send in a refund request. We will then verify this information with the property owner. It is important to note that these refunds are provided on a case-by-case basis once thorough verification has been carried out.

    In some cases, property owners have already met with other interior designers via the same lead on Atap before connecting with you and have decided to alter information initially provided to Atap based on those meetings. This would make the lead still valid and viable, thus creating a refund request impermissible.

    We’d like you to note that we are often only provided with basic information and requirements during the verification process with the property owner. These property owners will have a better idea and understanding of their needs and wants once they connect with you. It is common for property owners to have a change of mind when it comes to their preferences and budgets, so we’d like you to be open to the possibility of that and help them achieve their dream space.

  7. How do I improve my closing rate?

    Based on the feedback provided by our interior designer clients, these three key points will help improve closing rates. The first being your portfolio; by uploading quality albums, you can better showcase your talents and abilities. Once a lead is unlocked, the property owner will receive an email with your profile link, and this is where you make your lasting first impression.

    Second, it has been proven that contacting the property owner as soon as the lead is unlocked gives you a higher chance of engaging with the property owner. The longer you take, the more time the property owner has to consider other potential firms.

    We’d suggest that you try to connect with the property owner via phone call and text message at least 2 to 3 times. You are encouraged to introduce yourself with information about your firm alongside your website link and links to your portfolio and ask them when it is most convenient to speak about the property. This is proven to increase your closing rate.

    Third, once you have connected with the property owner, we encourage you to promptly stay in contact and swiftly provide additional information, quotations, and mood boards. Keen property owners are often more inclined to engage with you if the response time is faster; this shows efficiency and experience.

  8. Can I upload my 3D renderings instead of actual project images?

    Yes, you can. Although we highly recommend and encourage you to post albums of your completed projects, 3D renderings are also allowed to be uploaded to your portfolio. However, please note that homeowners are known to gravitate towards profiles that contain images of completed projects.

  9. How do I qualify for the money-back guarantee program?

    The Guarantee period will last six months from the date of purchase of the package or credit top-up, as per your invoice date. After the said six months have elapsed, no refunds shall be made.

    If you decide within the Guarantee Period that you wish to request a refund of credits for cash, you must notify us in writing after you have fulfilled ALL of the following conditions:

    You have unlocked at least 20 leads via the platform with no successful closing. Free leads do not qualify under this circumstance.

    If you have purchased a credit top-up package, only leads purchased and contacted after the date of purchase of said package are deemed eligible.

    Proof of legitimate interaction with the 20 lead owners that have not been closed is to be provided to (Screenshots of conversations with lead owners are mandatory).

    If you have amassed more than 20 unsuccessful leads, you are only required to disclose the first 20 leads to Once has verified that all 20 lead owners were genuinely approached, we will begin your refund process.

    If you do not meet ALL of these criteria, reserves the right to reject the refund request.

    Any provision of these terms of service which is or becomes unenforceable shall not invalidate the other provisions of these terms of service.

    This money-back guarantee policy is only applicable for Atap Credit Package and Credit top-up purchases from May 2020 only.

  10. How do I get my company verified?

    To get your company verified on you are required to send us a copy of your business registration documents by SSM. You can email them to [email protected].

  11. How can I get the trusted badge on my company profile?

    For to active the trusted badge on your company profile, you would need to have a satisfactory track record in the industry and receive consistently positive feedback from your clients. Attaining the badge is also subject to internal guidelines and ratings.

  12. What are the requirements to apply for a lead refund?

    In order to request a refund, the lead would have to be uncontactable. We would have to be provided with screenshots of your attempts at connecting with the property owner.

    Aside from that, refunds can only be requested within15 days upon unlocking the lead and only once the lead has been moved to “Contacted.”

    Do take note that refunds are made on a stringent and case-by-case basis, subject to the conditions that upon contact, the homeowner has already engaged with another interior designer and/or the homeowner has failed to respond to your calls or Whatsapp.

  13. How long does the refund process take?

    Once a lead refund request has been filed, you will receive an email within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) to notify you if your request has been approved, rejected, or is undergoing our verification process.

    The verification process takes a minimum of 7 working days. The entire refund process will be conducted via email ONLY; thus, we’d advise you to check all email points, including your junk mail, for updates. If you have not received a reply after 24 hours, please contact us via our Live Chat or the Atap support line.

  14. What is Atap Pay?

    Atap Pay is Atap’s newly introduced escrow service whereby Atap becomes a third-party escrow service to facilitate payment between the property owner and the interior designer. Our escrow and contract drafting service ensure that all renovation requirements are fulfilled as per the mutually agreed milestones in the contract before monies are transferred.

    For further information about Atap Pay, click here.

  15. Is Atap Pay a compulsory service for interior designers?

    No, Atap Pay is not compulsory; however, we strongly recommend that interior designers opt for Atap Pay to ensure that all payments are processed efficiently and briskly.

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